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Sunday, May 10, 2015

How to use EasyApache Script on Linux

How to use EasyApache Script and install php-mbstring extension use with Easy Apache

When configuring a website to work with different languages on a Linux server, the mbstring extension will need to be installed on the server for the website functionality to work. we must have Root access on your VPS or Dedicated server. If you are on a shared server, you will need to contact support to have the extension installed.

Step 1 - Check your server for the php-mbstring extension installed or not. If the results show nothing, then the php-mbstring is not installed on the server.

Step 2 - Here, we are using VPS server, in this case we need to run on "screen" command, this is for secure installation EasyApache. EasyApache script running time internet connection lost the build may be corrupted. Start a screen session and check it is working.

Step 3 - Now, we need to run "EasyApache" script on screen command line  "/scripts/easyapache". When you get the "cPanel update available" box saying "would you like to update now," select "No" and hit Enter.

Step 4 - Here, select default section and click on "Customize Profile".

Step 5 - In this window we can see the Apache version and if needed we can update the version. Here I have selected the default Apache version and click on "Next Step".

Step 6 - In this case also, use the same procedure of Apache and click on "Next Step".

Step 7 - The "Short Options List"will appear. Select "Exhaustive options list" and hit Enter.

Note : Here I am enabling php-mbstring, if you need to install some software you can select accordingly. 

Step 8 - In this windows, go to page down till you see the "Mbstring" extension listed by using down arrow and  click on space bar to select the Mbstring and click on Next.

Step 9 - Now the server will ask "What do you want to do now?" select "Save and Build" and hit enter. In the Confirm build screen, select "Yes" and hit Enter.

Step 10 - Easy Apache will finally ask to Please acknowledge, select "I Understand" and hit Enter.

Step 11 - Apache and PHP will now rebuild and wait for the process to finish. The process time can vary. However, typically it should take 10 to 30 minutes. Once the process is finished, after all check your phpinfo.php. You can see the Mbstring extension in the phpinfo page now.

Step 12 - After successful installation of php-mbstring, exit from screen command line. You can use CTRL+a and then 'k' will kill a screen session or use below command.

That's it...