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Monday, September 5, 2016

How to install Xubuntu on Oracle VirtualBox 4.3

Oracle VirtualBox you get all the benefits of installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine but without paying for virtualization software like VMware.

1. Oracle VirtualBox that you can download from FileForum. 
2. Ubuntu that you can download from Ubuntu website.

Step 1 - Open Oracle VirtualBox and click on "New" then "Next".

Step 2 - You must type in a name like "Xubuntu" in the "Name" field and select the Type & Version.

Step 3 - Use the slider to allocate RAM memory 512MB is recommended according to Ubuntu. If you want better performance please provide 1GB or above then click "Next".

Step 4 - To create the virtual disk partition for Xubuntu, it should be at least 5GB per Xubuntu recommendations.

Step 5 - Select Hard disk file type which you want to use.

Step 6 - Select the storage option, we can use both options depending on our requirement.

Step 7 - Allocate the storage size and path.

Step 8 - Server configuration completed, now click on the start button for Power ON. 

Step 9 - Before installing, we need to change some settings. Go to Virtual Mahican settings.

Step 10 - Now go to system section and change the boot order. If we are start from CD, first priority select to CD/DVD.

Step 11 - Go to Network section, we can see the network configuration set to NAT. Then work only Internet connection. 

Step 12 - Go to storage section and check the media. Here we need to select where from boot the image "CD or ISO.

Step 13 - Now start the Virtual Mahican and install Xubuntu.

That's it...