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Monday, January 9, 2017

Fortigate - How to setup basic LAN & WAN configuration with Shared VPN using Policy Route

Step 1 - Login into fortigate firewall console.

Step 2 - Check the firewall details.

Step 3 - Configure the WAN for internet access. The static IP will get from ISP provider.

Step 4 - Configure the LAN for internal network access and also need to enable DHCP server on this interface.

Note: Client side, we can configure Static IP or DHCP. If we are using DHCP, IP will release from Fortigate DHCP server.

Step 5 - Now we need to enable static route for internet access.

Step 6 - Configure the DNS for name resolving.

Step 7 - Configuring policy route for forcefully routing. Here, I am using Internet-over-VPN connection (PPPoE), in this case it may not work properly, so I create policy route.

Note: First preference will be policy route. If any policy created in the policy route, this will be given the priority.

Step 8 - Create a policy for accessing Internal LAN to VPN and VPN to Internal LAN connection. And also we need to create Internal LAN to WAN for internet accessing.

That's it...