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Thursday, November 27, 2014

CentOS 6 CD/DVD/ISO to USB Installation in Windows 7

I tried various Linux ISO to USB software like UNetbootinUniversal-USB-Installer etc... to create CentOS 6 bootable Pendrive. But all have some problems or limitations which force me to use ISO2USB software, which help me to meet my need.

Create a CentOS 6 bootable USB which will support customized installation (by using kickstart configuration file).

UNetbootin: Bootable USB of CentOS 6 created by UNetbootin is not even booting the system using USB and not support kickstart configuration file.

Universal-USB-Installer: It successfully boot the CentOS 6 from USB but failed to install by kickstart configuration file and Copying section.

Prepare CentOS 6 bootable from ISO file or CD/DVD :

URL for Windows :

1. Plug the USB drive to Windows XP/Vista/7 machine.

2.  After downloading, Execute the ISO2USB software.

3. Browse CentOS 6 ISO (with custom installation) file by using the highlighted browse button.

4. Click on OK button but before clicking on OK button; just make sure that correct USB drive should be selected.

5. Click Exit button, when finished.

6. Safely remove USB drive from Windows XP/Vista/7 system.

  USB drive is now ready to install CentOS 6 (with custom configuration file) on your system.