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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Step to create ClearOS bootable USB in windows 7

URL ClearOS:
URL Syslinux:

Make sure you pick the highest version you can find and download the zip version of it.
Linux, like PC’s uses Master Boot Records and therefore cannot just boot any disk. You need to make that disk bootable. This is why we need Syslinux.

1. Connect the USB disk to a Windows Vista or 7 PC.

2. Create a FAT32 partition on it of at least 5GB using Disk Management.

3. Open the ClearOS iso file with WinRAR (open, not extract).

4. Copy the images and isolinux folders to the USB drive.

5. Rename the “isolinux” folder to “syslinux“. AND Open the “syslinux” folder, find and rename “isolinux.cfg” to “syslinux.cfg“.

6. Copy the ClearOS iso file to the root of the USB partition.

7. Find your Syslinux zipfile and extract it to a subfolder on your desktop.

8. Open a command prompt with Administrative privilege and navigate to the “win32” folder inside the Syslinux folder.
 Note:  Take note of the USB drive letter and run. My side USB drive is "L:"
 Run this command: syslinux.exe -m -f -a -d /boot/syslinux l:

This will make the drive bootable for Linux. Obviously replace l: with your drive letter.
And that’s it. You now have a bootable USB drive for ClearOS.

9. After creating Bootable USB, Go to BIOS and change the boot priority to USB.

10. After booting ClearOS select the "HardDisk" option selecte the partition.

That's it.........