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Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to point Domain Name to VPS Server

Step 1 -  Login to the purchased Domain Name control panel.

Step 2 - Go to My Account Section, we can see our purchased product. Then select Domain Name => Manage.

Here, select which Domain you want to check and modify. Go to Setting => Check Domain details for NameServer and Hostname.

Step 3 - We can also check domain detail on internet. Here I am using this site.

Step 4 - Go to VPS server Control Panel/WHM and check the NameServer details.

Go to DNS Functions => NS Record Report. Here, we can see the default NameServer & IP.

Note : In this case, I am configuring NameServer globally on this server.

Step 5 - Now we need to create new Cpanel account on this server, then only we can globally configure NS on this server.

Go to WHM => Account Functions => Create a New Account.

Here, fill the information about Domain details for the cpanel account => Create

Note : When we create new account, there is an option to "use the nameserver specified at the domain registrar".

Step 6 - Now check the Cpanel account is created or not in WHM. Account Information => List account.

Here, we can see the new account is created. This account is automatically created in DNS zone file under DNS Functions.

Step 7 - Go to DNS Setting for changing or creating own Nameserver on this server. DNS Fuctions => Edit Zone => Here we can see the created domain name => Select the Domain name.

Here we can see the DNS Zone file information. We have to modify the details for changing SOA , NS1 NS2 and Add A record  and save.

Step 8 - Now we added our Nameserver and A record on DNS zone file. We need to assign the NameServer and IP to make it globally. Go to Server Configuration => Basic Cpanel & WHM Setup.

Here, select "All" option and go to bottom of the page and assign the NamesServer and IP address.

Step 9 - We need to check the Domain details for back-end, through this option, we are checking only Nameserver. Before editing both the files, backup the files for safety.

1st Check /etc/wwwacct.conf  => NameServer is added correctly or not. 

2nd Check the /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml => Sometimes the nameserver will not be added automatically, then we need to manually change this Nameserver and IP.

Step 10 - After completing the configuration, just check the Nameserver on WHM.
DNS Functions => NS Record Report. Here we can see the Nameserver and IP

Step 11 - Next, go to Domain control panel and Domain settings. 
1st change the host name. In bottom of  the page, select Host Name => Manage => Add Host name => Save

2nd Change Nameserver => Go to Name Server => Manage => Select Custom => Add NameServer (NS1 NS2) => Save
Here, We can go for default configuration by selecting "standard" option.

Note : Domain Name Pointing will take propagation time of 72hrs/48hrs. Sometimes it may take only 2hrs/4hrs.

Step 12 - We can check the Domain Name changed or not in online using this site

In this option, we can identify the domain hosted web server.

Step 13 - Check your domain name / website is working.

Go to browser =>Type your domain name (

That's it.....