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Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to install Wingate 6 Proxy Server on Windows System

WinGate Proxy Server is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today's businesses. WinGate Proxy Server will share most types of Internet connection, allowing multiple users to simultaneously surf the web, retrieve their email, or use other internet programs, as if they were directly connected to the Internet.

Provide secure and managed Internet access for your entire network via a single or multiple shared internet connections. Monitor usage in real time, and maintain per-user and per-service audit logs. Improve network performance and responsiveness with web and DNS caching.

Step 1 - First check the system details like OS and Network details. Here, we need two NIC card, LAN and WAN. LAN is for Internal network and WAN is for Internet connection.
LAN IP   : Static,
WAN IP  : DHCP, provide ISP Modem

Step 2 - Download  "Wingate Proxy" software.

Step 3 - Install the downloaded Wingate Proxy software on the server.

Here, select "wingate Server" section and click on Continue.

In this section, we can activate the software or we can use 30 days trail version. For activating this software availability of internet Connection is must. We can activate this software later also.

After successful installation, it will ask for reboot and reboot the system.

Step 4 - After rebooting the system, open wingate proxy. We can also see "wingate proxy" icon in the task bar. 

Step 5 - First time when we open Wingate Proxy software, we need to create new password.

Step 6 - After creating the password, go to "Control" Tab. Here, we can see the "System Services" details on the left side of the window.

In "Network" section, we can see the network configuration like IP-Adress, Status, etc...

Step 7 - Go to "Network" Section, open WAN (asianet) change the setting as "An external untrusted network".

Step 7 - We need to stop the windows firewall in windows service section. Go to "Computer Management" section and select "Service" tab.

Step 8 - We need to add WAN (Asianet) IP-Address on Bind Section in all options of "System Service", as the below shown example :

Above procedure is to be done in all the options of "User Services" under Service Window also.

Step 9 - We need to check the port number on "WWW proxy". The client can access the internet connection through this proxy software only by using this Port Number and IP Address (Wingate Server IP).  Here I am changing the port number from 80 to 3128.

Step 10 - Finally, go to client system and open the Browser and go to Proxy Settings, then add Wingate server IP-Address and Port number. ( : 3128).

Step 11 - Nowwe can check the internet is working through Wingate Proxy server.

Google Chrome   => Settings => Show advanced settings => Change Proxy Settings => Connections => LAN Settings => Proxy Server.

Mozilla Firefox     => Tools / Pre => Options => Advance => Network => Settings => Manual Proxy Configuration.

Internet Explore => Tools => Internet Option =>Connections => LAN Settings => Proxy Server.

That's it...