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Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Remove Blocked IP from WHM/VPS Server

This function is useful, while we use SSH and Webmail and we enter wrong passwords multiple times and the IP address get blocked for security reasons. In this example, we can remove the blocked IP address from firewall.

Step 1 - Check the your IP address, using "show my ip" in

Step 2 - After checking IP address, login to WHM.

Step 3 - Go to Firewall section "ConfigServer Security & Firewall".

In ConfigServer Security & Firewall Section, there are so many options. Go to "Search for IP" option and enter your source IP or Blocked IP.

Step 4 - After searching IP address, "Unlock" the blocked IP from firewall.

Now, check the Website, SSH, Webmail etc... this server related access from this blocked IP-Address.

That's it...